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PROVIDERPARENT/GUARDIAN CHILD CARE CONTRACT Welcome! I'm glad you have decided to enroll your child in my family daycare. (You are welcome to contact 4C certification, who I am certified through (2719181)
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It can also be used as a checklist for future visits. Please let me know if you have any questions. Yours in happiness in the joy of childcare Cheryl C, I know I'm not the only one who got this email from Cheryl regarding her child care provider. As of Monday, March 25th, The New York State Department of Child Care Licensing has revoked the licenses of the following child care providers: Lola's Daycare ( ) The Family Caring Childcare Center ( ) The Family Baby's Daycare (Facebook page ( )) These providers have been notified of the Department's actions. They are no longer licensed for the purpose stated in the Department's current Certificate of Required Training issued to providers. All of these providers were found to have taken advice that did not conform to current professional standards and rules. It is our recommendation that parents should contact the providers that were found to be in violation of the Department's current Certificate of Required Training. We are doing this for the safety of parents, for any potential future incidents, and for child's' safety too. If this does not apply to you, please ask for your certification documentation so that we can be more thorough. There are numerous reports from around the world as well as private companies all over the U.S. about the potential danger associated with installing a child care center using flammable materials under the care of an untrained, uninformed and sometimes abusive caregiver, even where the facilities are inspected weekly. Some of you may have been reading comments in the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's  recent letter. Please read these too. I am sure that in today's modern day society, you have learned about your Rights and your Responsibilities when it comes to child care. That is what will make your journey to child care safe and enjoyable. Please make sure to read and share this post with everyone you know who is considering visiting a daycare center that uses any type of or fire hazard materials. We understand that child care is complicated and the details of the issues in your journey can be complicated, too.
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Hi, my name is Veronica Ba ragas with MyWigglesandGiggles.com, and I'd like to share with you a little about child care provider contracts. Now this is a very, very important part whether you are the parent or the caregiver. A lot of times it just saves you a many, many arguments and battles or whatnot. The first one would be a caregiver and parent agreement. Now this is something that just stating basically I and or we, the parents, agree that I the child care provider will care for your child so-and-so. You can find copies of these on your texts, or I'm sorry, on your department of family protective services depending on what state you are. And I personally just kind of revise the ones that are there. It will include hours that you're going to be taking care of the child, policies for late pickup and just making sure that all the paperwork that you've given them is acknowledged that they've been given it and signed both parents and caregiver. Your main contract one of the policies you want to give them is giving everything possible that they could possibly ask which means where you're located, your registration number hopefully that you find a daycare provider or that you are a provider that gets registered with your state. It gives you your enrollment fees and your monthly tuition, and it states everything from whose allowed to pick up, emergency contacts, medication dispense, if your child is sick, so these definitely your main contract is going to want to cover everything possible that you want to save your butt on. Then there's also just a little here that can give you a policy statement that tells you what type of discipline that you're going to be giving and your philosophy basically on the childcare that you're providing for them. So definitely take consideration into finding the right provider and the right contracts whether it be a registered home daycare, whether it would be a nanny or a babysitter. Contracts always help you definitely keep everything Platonic and safe for the both parties.
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